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​Tree Service in Milton, Georgia

tree removal service alpharetta gaTrees are a beautiful addition to the landscape of any home. They can also grow to be very large and sometimes get in the way. Branches can grow into power lines, chimneys and fence posts; vines can grow along the side of your house covering your windows. Sometimes, your trees may even grow in a warped manner, causing overhangs that may get in the way of a walking path.
Whatever the reason may be, you will most likely need to have your trees trimmed up every once in a while. You may even find yourself needing to completely remove your tree or replant it.

Milton Tree Care can help you no matter what your tree related needs are!
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​Our tree cutting services are unmatched and our rates are competitive. We train our tree care experts to handle state of the art equipment suited for any tree job out there. Whatever damage your trees may face, whether from storms, dry weather, old age, disease, or infestation, our arboreal specialists can do whatever it takes to fix the issue.

Local and Affordable Tree Cutting and Removal Services

tree removal cost alpharetta gaWe are a community invested company who thrives on creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with our customers in Milton, Georgia. If you live in this area, you will find our services at a reasonable and affordable price compared to many of our competitors. Our arborists are experienced, trained and certified with not only tree care, but also customer care and satisfaction.

We are experts in tree cutting, tree removal, stumping grinding, mulching, and other tree care services and are well-suited to handle whatever issues you are faced with timely and professionally.

Let us help your home by making your yards appealing and beautiful, and also by keeping your trees from crossing legal and residential borders (entering powerlines and neighbors’ yards).

tree cutting service near me alpharetta ga

tree cutting service alpharetta ga

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tree service near me alpharetta ga

​Expert Tree Cutting Near You

Tree trimming might be our most sought after service. We often see branches overgrowing into places they should not be: into houses, powerlines, over fences and more. 

Trees that are not kept under control will begin to spread their arms everywhere around them. Branches begin growing into powerlines; they grow over and onto your roof, making roof work much more difficult and allowing small animals access to your roof. We offer the most reliable tree trimming service near you; our tree cutters are equipped with the best tree cutting tools in the industry. Let us get your trees trimmed up and corrected.

cutting down a tree alpharetta ga

Tree Trimming and Upkeep

Arboriculture is the study of plants that remain within the nomenclature family of trees and similar woody plants. Arborists are the scientists and artists who work with studying, managing and cultivating these types of plants and master techniques to aid in their growth and control their progression. They know everything there is to know about trees and related plants. 

While our arborists are working on your yards and/or gardens we encourage you to ask any questions that peak your interest. Our artisans are quite knowledgeable and are more than happy to educate you on what it is they are doing and why they’re doing it!

tree services near me alpharetta ga

Inexpensive Tree Removal Services

Sometimes your tree may be faced with a deadly illness, has finally reached its final days, or just has lost its usefulness in your yard. 

Whatever the case may be, our tree care experts are trained to provide the fastest and most efficient tree removal services in Georgia. We will not disappoint you. As the best tree removal service near you, we offer you a low-cost and budget-friendly opportunity to spruce up your home garden and get that dead or annoying tree out of it. The tree removal process will leave a stump in its place, but you can look at our stump removal and grinding service for more details on that aspect.


Removal, Cutting, Firewood, and More

There are many tree care services that are encompassed by the study and practice of arboriculture. Many tasks we perform range from branch trimming to removing stumps and more. Here are some of our available services:

If you have questions or concerns regarding our tree services, please call us today!

Tree Mulching and Recycling Services

cutting down trees alpharetta gaOur tree care experts are supplied with high-quality tree mulch that is guaranteed to aid in your tree’s growth.  Mulching around your tree insulates the soil around it and helps to retain its moisture. It also keeps out weeds and curbs roots. We offer our mulching services at an affordable price and have a multitude of choices for mulch should you have a specific request, though we do have our favorites (and for good reason).

Firewood and Log Services

When we come out for an estimate, let us know if you would like to have your removed tree cut down into firewood or logs. We would more than happy to provide the service at a small additional fee. If you like the company of a warm fire in your home but don’t want to load and unload firewood repeatedly, or don’t want to pay that extra charge, our service is perfect for you. 

In the event that you require our tree removal services, we can take the pieces we cut down and refine them into perfectly sized firewood, and also provide advice on how to properly dry and prepare them for the winter season. We can also collect the debris from the tree as well for additional tinder.

emergency tree removal alpharetta ga

Dealing with Storm Damaged Trees and other Storm Damage

Whether through rain- or lightning-storms, hurricanes, tornados, or earthquakes, your trees can be damaged greatly from the cause of a natural disaster. This damage can extend to your home as well, as branches can thrash violently about during inclement weather. Uprooted trees or broken off branches could potentially land on your cars, fences or your own house, causing severe damages.  

Unfortunately, our technicians are not equipped with structural repairing, but we can refer you to our affiliated companies with the same standards and procedural policies as those we stand by. When the insurance and repair issues are settled, we can then begin work on repairing your storm damaged trees and bringing them back to life or removing them at your request.

tree and stump removal alpharetta ga

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Services

​Mostly, this service is required or requested after our tree removal process is completed. Our service may also be requested if you used another business to cut down your tree, or did it yourself. Whatever the case, our stump removal professionals will have your remaining tree stump out of your yard promptly. Tree and stump removal come hand in hand on most occasions, but not always. Sometimes we are requested to leave the stump as it can be used as a stool, table or playing surface for kids, especially if it is in the backyard. Let us know what you would like us to do with your tree stump when we arrive for the estimate.


24/7 Emergency Tree Service

In the unfortunate event that a tree may have fallen either on your property or in your pathway, we offer our 24/7 emergency tree removal services to you at an affordable price. Anytime, day or night, we will send out a trained tree removal expert to professional and swiftly break down and remove the fallen tree. We work to remove the tree quickly so that you can work on calling your insurance agent and getting everything else situated as soon as possible. Our emergency tree services are unrivaled and the fastest in all of Milton. Call us immediately!

tree removal atlanta
tree cutting equipment alpharetta gaWhy is Tree Trimming and Maintenance Important?

Maintaining the growth of your trees can benefit them greatly, not only by keeping their branches in check or preventing issues or accidents for yourself, but also to keep your tree healthy and looking beautiful. Your yard and garden is important to you, so it is important that we get your tree matching its surroundings. Pruning is one of the most crucial aspects of tree care. It is vital to know how to properly trim your tree and when and how often to do so. Our tree care experts are trained in multiple methods of pruning for a large variety of trees. Every tree has its own necessities and requirements to be aware of: some trees need a certain amount of growing room, others don’t. In some cases, a particular tree might need extra water or soil, others might need more shade. Our arborists are experienced and studied to know exactly how to keep your tree looking nice and vibrant. Your tree’s growth can be managed and controlled, allowing us to properly care for it and mitigate damaged or broken branches. Throughout the tree’s growing process, we can consistently trim and prune its branches so that it always is in good shape (literally) and keeps its healthy look and feel. Maintaining a healthy tree structure is elementary in optimizing its appearance. It is also very important to understand when and how much to prune the tree. Pruning too much can damage the tree, cutting off its nutritional resources and hindering its growth. The leaves of a tree are a crucial part to photosynthesis (the process of collecting nutrition and breaking it down into food for the plant called glucose.) The leaves act as solar energy collectors; without leaves the tree has no way of collecting sunlight, which is half of its necessary nutrients. Let our professional tree trimmers and cutters work on your tree to maximize growth and stability. We promise effective and reliable services for you and your gardens. Do not hesitate to call us anytime you need our fantastic tree services.

Expert Tree Services in Milton, GA

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