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emergency tree removal alpharetta gaIn the event of a fallen tree, there are many damages that can be caused. Trees could fall on cars, houses, fences, or even people or animals. Fallen trees may even block roadways and passages, for those of you living on cul-de-sac streets will find getting to work in the morning to be impossible until the tree is removed. Fortunately, we provide 24-hour emergency tree removal services every day of the year.

You can’t deal with property damage or injury until you can take care of the tree in your way. Call us and we will send out our tree cutters as soon as possible to urgently and carefully remove the fallen tree.  In the event that a tree should fall on property of yours, you should call us before calling your insurance agent; we can remove the tree and provide our expertise with insurance policies to help you approximate the damages. Do so will help you know how to relay the important details to your insurance agent and speed up the entire process.

Our men are capable to clearing out entire sites of fallen trees and debris. When you call for our services, we can also aid in clearing fallen debris and branches from fences, cars, and storm drains. Our workers are trained to withstand harsh weathers and work under stressful conditions; they are able to remain calm and think clearly and objectively to provide the absolute fastest and most efficient tree removal process possible. Call us in your time of need and we will put everything in our power to aid you.

Emergency Tree Removal: Don’t be a Hero

emergency tree service alpharetta gaIn the time of crisis, many people take the call of duty and try to be heroes. Many times these acts can lead to courageous and outstanding outcomes, but other times it can only make problems worse. In the case of a fallen tree, especially one resulting in bodily injury, do not attempt to remove the tree. If the tree has landed on a person, they are now under a lot of weight and pressure. Needless movements will only worsen the situation. Trying to roll or lift a trunk off of a pedestrian could result in a fatal accident.

Let a professional and certified emergency tree removal company take care of removing the tree. Our workers are trained to remove trees with extreme precision and care, making only the absolutely necessary actions and prioritize the well-being of the person. We exercise urgency in the immediate tree removal process and can optimize an unfortunate situation to the best possible outcome.

emergency tree removal atlantaIf a tree has fallen on an individual let us know immediately and we will have an EMT (Emergency Medical Transport) on site with us that can tend to the victim’s wounds once we have removed the tree. Remember to stay calm during the traumatic event and relay every possible detail to us so we can deal with it as accurately as possible.

Milton Tree Care’s 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Service is the fastest and most effective in all of Georgia. Trust us to be there in your time of need and provide you all of your required service.

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