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firewood logs alpharetta ga​During the winter season, fires are a great way for the family to gather in the living room and enjoy a nice movie or board game in front of a warm and vibrant ambience. Fires can help you save money with your energy bills and look beautiful. Not only that, but they also have a hearty, smoky scent that makes you feel like you are outdoors in the fresh air. If you have ever been camping, a warm fire can be a familiar smell as well.

When we come by for tree removal services, be sure to tell us that you would like to keep the lumber as firewood. We are more than happy to oblige; the tree cutters from Milton Tree Care can take the wood we cut from the tree and chop it down into perfectly sized logs for home usage.
​We can also offer advice on how to properly dry out your logs and prep them for use in a fire. The required amount of prep time varies from tree to tree. For example, oak wood requires a long time to dry out due to its composure and ability to retain water. Generally, you want to keep the firewood spaciously stacked to maximize air flow and place them outside where they are exposed to the sun. Some sort of weather protection is recommended as rain will slow the process down significantly. You can use a water-resistant tarp and keep an eye on weather reports as best you can.

Preventing Fire Hazards: Firewood and Seasoned Logs

firewood logs alpharettaLet’s take a short break from tree cutting and talk about fire safety. Not the usual “don’t play with matches” tip, but something you may be less aware of: what not to burn in your fireplace. 

There are many common household substances that produce toxic or harmful fumes when burned. This is mostly a problem during Christmas time. Things like wrapping paper, Styrofoam packaging objects, and cardboard boxes.
​Wrapping paper and other plastic-like coated material burns bright and hot, producing smoke faster than your chimney can contain and causing your family to breath it in; Styrofoam and other packaging materials create a toxic black smoke that can also coat and stain your walls with toxic residue; trash will produce harmful smokes and fumes; cardboard and paper burn high and produce a lot of spread-out embers, which could potentially catch fire inside your house.

firewood logs deliveredAdditionally, using improperly treated, unseasoned, or process wood can cause many issues when burned. Pressure-treated lumber or plywood or other manufactured wooden pieces contain chemicals that produce toxic fumes when burned; unseasoned wood, also known as “green wood”, will produce a lot of smoke, more so than your chimney can handle and poses a risk for those who breathe it in. This also include burning debris from your Christmas tree.

Please be careful what you burn in your fireplace and keep it to only wood and certifiable fire accessories (like scented pinecones and fire starters). Also keep your and your family’s safety in mind and if you are unsure about the consequences of your action, do some research before acting it out. It could save you a lot of trouble and/or suffering. Be safe and enjoy a proper fire.

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