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tree mulching alpharetta gaTree mulching is the process in which we break up the soil around the tree’s roots and fill and cover it with mulch. Mulch helps to regulate and insulate the soil around the tree, allowing for a smoother absorption of nutrients as well as easier and more efficient fertilizer application. It also helps to prevent the growth of weeds, which can steal water and nutrients from the tree. Mulching keeps the soil loose and prevents compaction which tightens the underground pressure and debilitates water absorption.

Mulching is also helpful for your lawn mower as weeds and above-ground roots can cause damage to your lawn mower’s blade, which can start to eat at your expenses. Let Milton Tree Care help you make the right choice and mulch your tree.

If you have recently planted a tree, or have decided to up your gardening standards, now is the time to call our tree care professionals to get your tree mulched and ready for a long and healthy life. If you have already bought the mulch but need help installing it, we can do that for you too, though we would prefer if you would call us first so that we can assist with your purchase by giving you expert tips and advice on retail mulches and save you money.

Professional Tree Mulching

tree recycling services alpharetta gaWhile the actual process of mulching is not as risky as cutting down a tree, it is still discouraged to attempt mulching yourself. Unless you have experience or training with tree mulching, we recommend letting a professional handle your tree care necessities. There are protocols that should be followed when installing mulch in order to maximize its effectiveness and make the most efficient use of it.

This not only provides the utmost benefit for your tree’s health, but can also ultimately save you money by not purchasing too much or overpriced mulch. Even if you are confident enough to do the mulching yourself, the least we can do is offer you our professional advice and aid you in making the correct choices for your tree. Call us now if you have any questions or concerns.

Eco-Friendly Recycling Service

mulching services near me​Our business is built around the principle of protecting and benefitting trees and other plant-life, and as such, we are advocates of eco-friendly processes. We support recycling and know many reputable recycle stations where we will bring all of the collected debris and lumber from our job. Recycled trees are converted into mulch, which in turn helps other trees grow faster and stronger. We are proactive supporters of ecosystem restoration and rehabilitation. Our tree recycling service offers an opportunity for you to help the environment. Other tree service companies will most likely drop off the logs and debris in a dumpster somewhere, but we are here to protect the environment and help other trees flourish. ​ Call us for your tree service needs so that we can follow through with the proper recycling methods and have your old and dead tree be of use for all of the newly planted trees around the world.

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