Storm Damage Services and Prevention

tree damage alpharetta gaStorms can cause a lot of severe damage not only to tree themselves, but also to the properties and people in the surrounding area. There are ways to contain this and help prevent such a misfortune from happening. Our expertly trained tree cutters our knowledgeable in cutting techniques that will maximize your tree’s stability and endurance through strong winds and tough storms.

Unfortunately, complete protection from storms is impossible; however, our tree care professionals can do everything in their power to make sure your tree can resist most weather effects.​  Things such as trimming branches for extra air flow, placing braces around the trunk for extra support, reducing the crown for less weight, etc. are all methods that our tree trimmers consider when deciding on the best possible option for storm security. Our trimmers are not just thinking about the stability of the tree, but also its health. Cutting too much will cause adverse effects, so they have to be precise and accurate when making their judgments in order to efficiently maximize safety for both your property and the tree.

We will always encourage a healthy method for your tree’s structure over hasty extraction. Trees are a beautiful addition to any home garden or lawn and add value to your property.

storm damage trees alpharetta ga​Through the process of trimming, we keep the tree’s health as a priority concern. We have methods of climbing up the tree without the use of spiked climbing equipment. Spiked climbing equipment is saved for tree removal since it does take less effort to use, but causes significant damage to the tree’s trunk. The crevices caused by the spikes leave openings for fungus spores to pollenate and fertilize, leading to disease and rot in the tree potentially proving to be fatal.

You can trust Milton Tree Care to find the most efficient and safest way to deal with any storm damage prevention concerns you may have. Ask us as many question as you would like and make sure we are doing the job to your standards. Our purpose is to make a happy tree and a happy customer!

Storm Damaged Tree Care Service

tree damage alpharettaAs we have previously stated, we can do everything possible to prevent storm damage to your tree, but it is not entirely avoidable. Should the time come when your tree has suffered storm damage, there isn’t much we can do about your property, but we can certainly help revitalize your tree and give your yard the appealing look it previously had.

​Our arborists can doctor storm damaged trees skillfully and properly. They can remove all of the impeding, dead branches and debris and give room for new branches to grow and flourish. In the event of a fallen tree, we have a 24-hour emergency tree removal service that can remove the fallen tree from the primases, and then we can proceed with removing or grinding down the remaining stump (as per your request.) See our 24/7 Emergency Tree Service and Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Service pages for more details.

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storm damaged trees alpharetta ga

tree storm damage alpharetta

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