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tree stump removal alpharetta gaAfter our process of cutting down your tree, you are left with an odd stump. There are some uses for the stump if you would like us to grind it down. Especially if it is located in your backyard, it can be used as a stool or table for your kids to play on or, if you prefer taller grass, can be a pedestal for your pet to perch atop of. Maybe you don’t have kids or a pet, or perhaps you have no use for it. We can certainly remove it just as well.

Stump Removal Company in Milton, GA

tree stump removal alpharettaAnother factor to keep in mind is price. Grinding down a stump is cheaper than completely removing it. Chances are, you just dropped a bunch of money on cutting down your tree so you might like to wait a while to save up enough funds. A tree stump sticking out might not be appealing and will not bode well if you are living in a neighborhood with an HOA of some sort. Grinding the stump down is a cheaper option and suffices as a temporary solution until you can save up enough to have it completely removed.

Milton Tree Care has trained experts with state of the art grinding equipment to thoroughly grind your stump down to its base. It will still be noticeable, but it will not be an eyesore like previously, which will keep the neighborhood chairmen off your case for a while.

Stump Grinding Services in Milton

tree and stump removal alpharettaOur stump removal professionals are skilled in a few different methods of stump removal. If you are not bothered by the stump itself, but would like for it to be removed eventually, our arborists can use burning method to incinerate the stump into a charred circle on the ground. After grinding the stump down to its minimal size, they drill holes around the perimeter on the stump. Then, they pour oil or burning fuel into the holes. Once the oil completely penetrates and is absorbed by the wood, they drop a match in each hole.

During the next few days, the stump will smolder until its nothing but a charred circle. This method can become hazardous and is only recommend under a controlled environment away from people and animals. Should this not be possible, they will resort to other methods. Another method involves a similar beginning procedure, where we grind down the stump, then drill the same holes. Instead of filling theses pre-drilled holes with fuel, we fill them with water. After the next few days the water will be absorbed and the stump will become spongy. Once this happens, it can be removed with an axe. Our stump removal experts are well-equipped with industry standardized tools perfectly suited for this type of work for the most effective and efficient process.

If you are in need to stump removal or stump grinding services, our arborists are waiting for your call. Let them provide their experienced and professional services to you and give your home that extra value.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us for a free consultation.

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remove tree stump alpharetta ga

remove tree stump alpharetta

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