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If you live in a residential area such as a neighborhood or own an apartment or similar type of complex, chances are you may have power lines near your property. If you do, along with those come regulations on the proximity of your trees and fences. Typically, trees need to be anywhere from 10 to 20 feet away from power poles, with canopies requiring a two- to four-foot distance away from the above power cables.

Milton’s Tree Care tree cutting experts are trained and outfitted with state of the art tree cutting technology and tools; they are also knowledgeable in various residential laws regarding trees and other plant-life. You can trust that they can get your tree trimmed up to par with your neighborhoods standards quickly and effectively.  Other times you may not have to worry about power lines. You may just want your tree branches contained. Branches can cause a lot of home issues such as growing into the creases of fence posts or creating convenient bridges for small animals to cross over to your roof. If your tree branches are out of control, we can get them back under control. Our arborists are well experienced; they will be able to professionally cut your tree in the most effective way possible. 

Our experts can not only prolong the need for additional cutting, but do so in a manner that maximizes the tree’s health. Cutting too much off of your tree can cause detrimental effects by blocking its access to the sunlight it needs for nutrients, and can also hurt the tree directly. Branches are virtually the tree’s arms and cutting them is, for all intents and purposes, harming it. That is why it is important to know exactly how much you can and cannot cut without causing irreversible harm to the tree. Our trained tree cutters are studied and can make such judgments on the spot.

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Tree Trimming Terminology

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Many times, especially in residential businesses and real estate (such as apartment homes,) you may find your property in need of clearing walkways or ridding visual obstructions. Our tree cutting experts have the proper know-how and tools to handle your situations but it might prove beneficial to educate you on some terminology, even if for no other reason than to just increase your vocabulary.

In the case of branches growing too low over sidewalks and pathways, you will need to clear them out without completely cutting off every branch. Overhangs can provide a beautiful ambience when contained. The act of doing so is known as “Crown Raising.”

Sometimes you may need to trim up a tree that is growing a bit too much and is starting to obstruct the view of your tenants’ windows. Trimming up a tree so that it is less visually obstructing is a technique known as “Crown Reduction.”

Now, “Crown Thinning” is simply the process of which you manage a tree’s branches by pruning away particular twigs and sticks in order to even out and balance a tree. This method offers a more appealing appearance to the tree and makes it stand out (perfect for parks.)

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